Capital Hood Cleaning

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Q. Why is hood cleaning important?
A. The preparation foods that involving the use of ovens and stoves releases steam or grease into the air. Restaurants required to have a hood or duct installed above their cooking range. These vent hoods require regular cleaning to remove collected dirt and grease for reasons of both health and safety. Vent hood cleaning should completed by experienced professionals.

Q. What needs to be cleaned?
A. Three areas of specific concern are:

  • Exhaust Hood – An exhaust hood removes fumes, mists, vapors, grease, particles and hazardous substances from kitchens and bathrooms. Exhaust hoods must be vented outdoors and regularly cleaned.
  • Duct Fan – Inline fans increase circulation to a specific location and are often used in commercial settings such as restaurants. An inline fan can provide additional fresh air to keep kitchen temperatures down.
  • The plenum refers to a specific area between the ceiling and the roof or floor above the where the vent of a restaurant hood is located. The plenum space should also be cleaned along with the duct and hood.

Q. Is soap and water sufficeint?
A. No. Proper cleaning involves the use of caustic chemicals; used for breaking down grease that has accumulated in vent hoods. These chemicals are applied with a pressure washer or hose. Clean-up and removal of these chemicals is vital.

Q. Can you work around our schedule?
A. Yes, we can work to your time frame.

Q. Do we need to worry about the chemicals, water, or grease you remove?
A. No. We will leave your kitchen clean, ready to use without any clean-up or additional effort on your part.



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